Mr D's documents - index thereof.
Ceredigion County Council
Malfeasance in public office, criminal damage, breaking and entering, incompetence, deception, harassment and loss of records.
Dyfed Powys Police
Corruption (?) and deception. PDF file - long read

Wasn't going to put this here, but since this harassment has taken a turn for the worse I'll have to. 
Police Custody Officer Carwyn Weller (as he was at the time). Harassment.
long PDF file

And now, more harassment. Notes from November 2023 to, and including 6th December 2023.
Harassing my wife as well is a fucking bad move. PDF file


Bleeding Brakes, Caliper Problems and Fluids. PDF
Husqvarna / KTM Throttle Position Sensor (tps) Make Your Own.
Checking/cleaning kehin fuel injector
Husky/KTM (4stroke) checking oil pressure
Adjusting chainsaw chain
Historical - Mabws etc (not ready)
bad stuff  and  YouTube videos